Why Ghana First – Face to Face with US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Molly Phee

Ms. Molly Phee (left), U.S. Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, briefing Mr. Theophilus Yartey, Deputy Editor, Daily Graphic, at the residence of the U.S. Ambassador to Ghana in Accra.

US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Molly Phee has embarked on her first trip to Africa as Assistant Secretary.

She began her trip to Ghana last Monday and Tuesday, where she met with senior government officials and civil society organizations before leaving for Burkina Faso for similar engagements.

The Deputy Editor of the Daily Graphic, Mr. Theophilus Yartey, met Ms. Molly Phee during her visit to Ghana and she gave her this exclusive interview on a wide range of issues regarding why Ghana was chosen as the first judgment, President Biden’s agenda for Africa, insecurity and military takeovers in some countries and how to address them. Below are some excerpts.

Théophile Yartey: Is this visit your first official visit to Africa?

Molly Phee: Yes this is my first time and I am delighted to be here and I intentionally chose to enter Ghana first.

TY: A specific reason?
deputy : Yes, there are several specific reasons. The first is to honor Ghana as a leader on the continent. I have more reasons to choose Ghana but I can start if you ask me another question in this regard.

The other reason is to learn from Ghana and how we can follow Ghana’s leadership in so many important areas such as governance, democracy, security, economy and climate. How we can collaborate more effectively to meet our common challenges.

The third reason I have is that I am the steward in my new job of US engagement in Africa and this is one of our best embassies, run by one of our best ambassadors to many government agencies working here at many different levels and sectors. So I wanted to come here to learn from my own people as well as the Ghanaians.

The fourth reason is that I have always wanted to come to Accra. When I served for the United States on the UN Security Council, Ghana also served on the Security Council so I befriended Ghanaian diplomats and greatly admired their approach to the United Nations. job. They were collegial, insightful and thoughtful about the peace and security challenges we faced and they were fun. So, I always wanted to come to Ghana.

I am generally delighted to be here and also happy with the role Ghana is playing for its citizens and the sub-region. I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to learn from Ghana and to reflect on how we are moving forward. I really see this visit as a great first step for me.

Recently, the President of Ghana met with the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, and they both talked about some of the things that I have shared with you. I look forward to deepening and strengthening the partnership with Ghana and other countries in the sub-region for our mutual benefit.

Please read the full story in today [Saturday, October 23, 2021] edition of the Daily Graphic newspaper or on the Graphic NewsPlus App. Thank you.

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