The Springs Resident Assistant Director is a true superhero

By definition, a superhero is someone with extraordinary abilities, strong morals, and great empathy. You can tell Vlatka (Val) Slomic is a real superhero even without the neon green costume with cape.

Slomic, Resident Assistant Director at Springs Healthcare and Rehab Center at Monarch Landing in Naperville, consistently demonstrates extraordinary dedication, strength and compassion.

Slomic left Croatia for the United States 21 years ago. She was working nights at Walmart when her sister-in-law became a Certified Practical Nurse (CNA) and encouraged Slomic to give it a try, too. Slomic said that although she was having difficulty with English, she decided to enroll in an 8-month healthcare course.

She juggled this carefully and, while looking after her young baby and working full time, achieved achievements including “best in class”.

After that she said, “My journey has begun.”

Slomic decided to pursue his new career as CNA in retirement homes.

“When I was growing up my grandmother ended up in a nursing home. It wasn’t like here in the States. It was a small building with four people sharing a room and a shower down the hall. . She received good care, but she was so sad there. I told my mom that I wanted to be a nurse when I grew up. But when I finished my training at CNA, I had knew this was actually the job I wanted to do, “she said.” Nursing is important but different. Nurses provide clinical care, but what I love is being with my patients, sit with them, hold their hands and listen to their stories. I give them my full attention. I love interacting with them. a CNA, I can help them with things like personal care and insurance that they are safe I like to help them get ready for the day.

Slomic said she lost her own parents at a young age. As a result, she said, “I treat every resident of The Springs like they are my own mom, dad or grandparents. I love them.”

Slomic worked at The Springs as a CNA for two and a half years and was later promoted to Chief of CNA, where she oversaw the two wings on the first floor. In July of this year, she was promoted again, this time to the position of Deputy Resident Director. In this capacity, she said, “I am responsible for the three floors, overseeing the CNAs, checking documents, mapping and assisting. I help make sure everything is under control and that a new intake room is ready when someone comes in. “

“I like my new job. It’s more responsibility. But I like being a leader. I’m very good at communicating and sharing new ideas to make things better,” she said.

“We have a great team and we are delighted to be able to recognize great potential as we did with Val. We are proud to have the opportunity to help him grow professionally,” said Elizabeth VanDerWal, Director of The Springs.

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