New virtual and remote assistant service Injoy offers an empathetic and you-centric approach to customers

A long-cherished secret weapon of successful businesses is out in the open – Injoy’s team of passionate and driven virtual assistants. The new female-led VA agency, Injoy, is where cutting-edge work is done on behalf of clients, saving them invaluable time and money. Injoy Virtual Assistants are a partner in crime or rather a partner in time, a bespoke team that does the heavy lifting in administration, project management, process execution, marketing operations and , beyond, content, marketing and web design. They’re a one-stop-shop so you can stop wasting time on the little things and focus on maximizing your 24 hours.

A full-time employee works eight or nine hours. Only 36% of those hours are actually productive. By deploying Injoy’s VAs, this waste can be reduced with payments made only for actual time spent working (it only took a few centuries!). Grab a big pair of scissors because you can cut insurance costs, training costs, sick days, vacation days, benefits, office space, software, and more.

“We provided business support services that saved founders 50% compared to hiring a full-time employee. We launched marketing campaigns that saw an increase of more than 100% subscribers and impacted results. We develop processes and record documentation so you don’t have to. There’s something we can do for everyone. I love it seeing founders and our future leaders, including our VAs, win and that’s why I started Injoy.” says Laura Wang, Founder of Injoy.

Some of the tasks that can be delegated to Injoy remote assistants include project management, sales support, customer management, business process support, website design, SEO support, social media, digital marketing consulting, etc. Injoy specializes in working with founders, small businesses, e-commerce businesses, and content creators.

Injoy strives to create a collaborative ecosystem of virtual assistants, business owners, and creative providers that fosters creativity, inclusivity, and growth. The main value is that they work with empathy in mind and ensure that all packages are personalized and tailored to your business. There is no cookie-cutter solution that works for everyone.

Customers have praised them and their services. A recent client said, “Injoy Virtual Assistants have excellent communication skills, both to listen and to effectively communicate what was said to you, even if it wasn’t said in words. [They] are positive, friendly and in addition to [their] game and my business, I love it!

Injoy is the latest in virtual assistance and outsourcing. Join the gig economy and take advantage of their easy onboarding process, making it a breeze for anyone to quickly hire a VA or a team of remote assistants. Start growing your business, take more time to travel the world, and make the most of your 24 hours.

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