Exciting New Range in District Government Management

Kenny Blocker

As changes bring new opportunities, I would like to take a moment to announce several updates to the District’s senior leadership team. As we continue to grow in size and number of Districts, it is imperative that we use our resources and team members effectively so that we can continue to provide high-level services to Village members.

The first change is to announce the promotion of our current Assistant District Director, Carrie Duckett, to Assistant District Director. As Ms. Duckett takes over other departments, including Recreation and Parks and Executive Golf Maintenance, she will also act as the District Manager’s representative in several other districts.

I would also like to announce the promotion of two other staff members to Assistant District Directors — Mr. Bruce Brown and Ms. Brittany Wilson. In addition to property management for the district, Mr. Brown will take on utilities, as well as managing several councils. Ms. Wilson will retain her management of the Clerk’s Office as well as IT and fleet services, and will also begin to manage boards of directors.

Since our core value of stewardship is important when considering a reorganization, I am pleased to report that all of these changes will result in budget savings. Below is an updated flowchart illustrating these changes.

District Government Chart

Thanks again for all your support and I look forward to a great 2022!

Kenny Blocker is the district manager of The Villages.

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