Commissioners approve loan for Rimersburg Library roofing project | News

CLARION — A Clarion County library is receiving financial assistance for much-needed roof repairs through a new county-funded loan program.

At their meeting Tuesday morning, commissioners Ted Tharan, Wayne Brosius and Ed Heasley approved a request submitted by the Eccles-Lesher Memorial Library in Rimersburg for $10,000 in financial assistance through the Clarion County Loan Program. , a new financing initiative that offers interest-free loans. to nonprofits and other county organizations in need of financial assistance for projects.

“It’s a new program that we launched a few months ago,” Tharan said of Clarion County’s loan program, noting that the county has set aside $100,000 in US bailout funding. (ARP) to start the program.

According to county officials, the loans are available to municipalities, 501(c)3s, authorities, fire and ambulance departments and “other entities located in Clarion County and serving residents of the Clarion County”. All loans are made to recipients interest-free for four years in allocations of up to $10,000.

“We had to set a limit because we didn’t know how much money we were going to have or how many people were going to take advantage of it,” Tharan said.

He pointed out that the idea for a loan program actually originated three or four years ago when the county provided financial assistance to the West Freedom Water Authority in Perry Township.

“We thought that if we did it as an interest-free loan, that same money would keep coming back and could help people in four, five, six or 10 years,” Tharan said, noting that the commissioners had decided to resurrect the ready. program in recent months when it was determined that ARP funds could be used as lost revenue.

“The good thing is that we didn’t just spend the money,” he continued, adding that interest-free loans not only help the recipient, but provide a benefit to the county as a whole. . “As they pay it back, we will have an ongoing program to continue working with.”

Regarding the loan application, officials said eligible organizations should send the county a description of the project they are seeking funding for to start the process.

While there are certain rules and regulations for which organizations are granted loans, county officials said the biggest stipulation is that potential recipients must exhaust all other available funding avenues before applying for the loan program. Clarion County Loans.

“We don’t want to take the place of a bank,” Brosius said. “If they’ve been frowned upon by everyone, we’re here to help.”

Such was the case with the Eccles-Lesher Memorial Library in Rimersburg which approached the county for funding after a failed attempt to secure grants in 2019.

“The library explored a USDA rural development grant when we knew a few areas of the roof were leaking,” said library director Rachel Campbell. She noted, however, that the library was unable to secure the 45% matching funds for the grant. “Soon after, the pandemic hit and we continued to seek funding sources while monitoring the condition of the roof.”

Campbell explained that although the building’s main shingled roof was replaced in 2002 or 2003, the flat rubber membrane roof at the rear of the library was never replaced.

‘It has only been repaired with temporary fixes since the building was constructed in 1968,’ she said, explaining that Switzer Roofing of Sligo started work on the roof in January when the weather permitted. When weather permits, Campbell said, work will resume on the shingle roof, while work on the rubber roof will have to wait for warmer temperatures.

The total cost of the roofing project is $28,000, according to Campbell. And in order to cover the costs, the library and its group of friends have organized various fundraisers over the past two years.

She said the county’s $10,000 loan will allow the library to continue working to secure matching funds to cover remaining costs.

• Approval was given to Resolution No. 4 of 2022, which sets January 15 as the deadline for county tax collectors to remit overdue taxes.

• Commissioners also approved Resolution No. 5 of 2022, adopting and approving the County’s updated 2022 Comprehensive Plan dated February 7.

• County officials have approved the following salary for Deputy Coroners on call: Deputy Chief Coroner – $190 per mobile call and $80 per day for a telephone call with an additional $110 if a mobile call is required the same day. Deputy Coroners – $160 per mobile call and $80 per day for a phone call with an additional $80 if a mobile call is required on the same day.

• A contract was approved with CBF Contracting Inc. of Sligo to replace an exterior door at Clarion County Jail at a cost of $9,905. The cost of the gate will be paid using the prison’s pass-through account.

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