Loans Postponed to Home

Home- traded loans belong to that category of loans that can also be granted to those who in the past have had financial problems.

We therefore refer to all those subjects who for one reason or another have been reported as protested or have been registered in the Crif register as bad payers.

Thus, the loans that have been changed can be requested by both bad payers and protestors. Usually an individual who has been reported to the Crif can not get a loan if not using the assignment of the fifth. This credit line, however, can only be requested by those who work as employees and have a paycheck and by those who receive the pension through the appropriate coupon.

The self-employed, the unemployed and all those who work while failing to present a paycheck can not access the assignment of the fifth and may have several problems in requesting the classic personal loan.


Prestiti Cambializzati a Domicilio

For these people the solution could be that of home-based loans. Why this name? What are the differences with other funding? The classic personal loan provides for the use of the installment to be reimbursed and it can be paid by Rid or through the appropriate postal slips. The assignment of the fifth instead, which is the salary or pension, provides that the installment is deducted directly on the paycheck or on the coupon of the client’s pension.

In the converted loan , the customer must pay the bill within the specified date. The bill is an enforceable title and represents a very important value for the banks because it will allow him to request the foreclosure and the subsequent auctioning of the debtor’s assets should he prove insolvent. If the debtor does not pay then his assets can be seized and sold at auction.

The total obtained from the sale of such objects will then be used to settle the open debt towards the bank. In the event that the sale results in an amount greater than the debt discovered, the capital gain will be given to the debtor as the former owner of the goods sold.

Home-based loans require that the applicant holds income guarantees or assets that can be used as collateral. In the absence of these it will still be possible to have access to this credit line but with the help of a guarantor.


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