How to optimize your chances of getting a loan?

As we approach the end of the year, banks are becoming more and more demanding about the quality of the borrower profiles, to whom they wish to give their help. Indeed, many applications are made with credit agencies at the moment, and the selection becomes more and more difficult.

Banks are already preparing for 2018


The 2017 objectives achieved and in full preparation for the next year of exercise, banking institutions have nothing left to lose. It is the first ascendant and the modest incomes who find themselves the most losers in history. Indeed, they can no longer play on the competition. These include those on permanent contracts or public servants or those who work in the Liberal Party.

Moreover, the conditions attached to the financial situation and the professional stability are criteria that play big. In fact, service providers no longer select as clients only so-called “premium” profiles.

Added to this is the obligation to make a personal contribution of around 10% of the value of the project. Although they say that this is optional, it is clear that the approach has a great impact on the success of the application.

A broker: the only alternative to benefit from better conditions


In order to facilitate the search tasks of the best offer, the solution would be to resort to a bank broker. These are intermediaries who have already negotiated offers with a certain subsidiary and who are used to rubbing shoulders with them. This increases the chances of success, especially for atypical profiles.

With their years of experience, bank representatives do more than play the role of intermediary. They accompany their client in the meandering of the approaches with the various establishments with which they have relations of collaboration. They help them from finding the right provider to negotiating and signing the loan agreement. A broker is a provider who respects a code of ethics and several legislative standards related to the brokerage service.